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Archem Post Harvest Wash


CONFORMS WITH: Australian Food Standard 1.3.3 Processing Aids (Australia)

Archem® Post Harvest Fruit & Vegetable Wash is a non-perfumed foaming liquid cleaner specifically designed for use as a processing aid in the food industry.


  • Especially designed for use on, in and around Fruit & Vegetables and Food Processing Equipment, the Archem Post Harvest Fruit & Vegetable Wash is classified as a Clause 3 “Generally permitted processing aid” within the Australian & New Zealand Food Standard 1.3.3, Processing Aids. It may be used in the course of manufacture of any food at a level necessary to achieve a function in the processing of that food, as listed in Table to Clause 3.
  • Excellent for washing of fruit and vegetables.
  • Excellent for the washing of food processing equipment like graders, conveyors, bins, etc (non corrosive).
  • Will not damage surfaces, as it does NOT contain corrosives like Chlorine etc.
  • Biodegradable.
  • All Research and formulation has been conducted by our own Laboratories, 100% manufactured by our own Production Department in Bundaberg Queensland, Australia.
  • The high degree of purity of Archem Post Harvest Fruit & Vegetable Wash renders this grade of product safe for use around foodstuffs. Archem Post Harvest Fruit & Vegetable Wash is for use wherever direct or indirect contact with foodstuffs occurs.


This product is CLASSIFIED AS HAZARDOUS ACCORDING TO THE CRITERIA OF WORKSAFE AUSTRALIA, consult your MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for further assistance, these are available from or call Archem on 1800-072117. This product is NOT classified as Dangerous Goods as by the criteria of the ADG Code for Road & Rail.
WARNING: While this information is presented in good faith and believed to be accurate, Australaian Maintenance Manufacturers does not guarantee satisfactory results from reliance upon such information and Disclaims All Liability for any loss or damage arising form use. Australaian Maintenance Manufacturers further makes no express or implied representation or warranty as to the products or processes referred to herein.  Our limited warranty is listed in our trading terms & conditions. The purchaser may be entitled to certain rights as set by the State and Federal bodies. Store locked away in a cool place, below 35° C, away from direct sunlight.

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