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Archem Guarantees it's products, click on the link below for the latest guarantees. Below also has important Australian Consumer information in regards to Australian Consumer Law, Australian Maintenance Manufacturers abide by these requirements and our Guarantees are structured correctly. AMM also has competent Technical Staff to backup its Products and conduct Research if necessary to quantify the efficacy of our products.

  Archem Guarantee


The introduction of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) in January 2010 brought consistent national consumer laws which provide clear requirements for businesses and protections for consumers regardless of where they are in Australia.

As a business, the law requires that you guarantee the quality of the goods and services you sell. Consumer guarantees detail rights and responsibilities when there is a problem with goods or services purchased. These rights were previously known as a ´statutory warranty´.

Under the ACL, you guarantee the goods you sell will:

  • be of acceptable quality
  • match the description, sample or demonstration model you were shown
  • be fit for their intended purpose
  • have clear title, unless otherwise stated
  • do not have any undisclosed securities (money owing on them)
  • come with a right to undisturbed possession
  • have spare parts and repairs available for a reasonable amount of time after you buy them
  • have express warranties honoured.

You guarantee that any services you sell are:

  • provided with due care and skill
  • fit for purpose
  • completed within a reasonable time.

If the goods or services you supply do not meet a guarantee, you must fix the problem by providing a refund, repair, or other remedy. If the failure can not be fixed or takes too long to be fixed (major) the consumer can choose to either:

  • return the good and choose a refund or exchange
  • keep the good and you must compensate them for any decrease in value.

If the failure is considered to be minor you must repair the goods within a reasonable time.

To inform your customer on their rights when a good fails and the remedies you offer, you can outline this process in your refund policy. These remedies must accurately reflect customers’ rights under the ACL.

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